#36 – Wes Kao – Cohort Based Courses, Maven, Being a Generalist, Rigorous Thinking, and more

Wes Kao, is the Co-Founder of Maven, the first cohort-based course platform that helps creators build a cohort-based system and deliver an excellent student learning experience. Maven was born in Wes’s personal experiences; when she was younger, back at college, she got a C in one of her classes, and some years later, this grade hunted her to one of her job interviews where she was suggested to re-take that class to prove she was good with numbers so she could be a good fit for the job position she was applying to. The spin-off that lit up the birth of Maven came when she got an A in that class and realized that it was possible that she wasn’t bad at it, probably because the learning environment where she learned wasn’t conducted properly.

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