Founders Burnout is different that the average employee. This article raises the awareness of the problem of Burnout in Startup Founders, what is one of the main causes, and how we fall for it unless it’s appropriately addressed.

Why an Agile Mindset is getting many knowledge workers to the point of Burnout? In this article, we talk about the causes and how to prevent that from happening to us.

In this post I share with you the Fundamentals of Nutrition Optimization that will help you improve your own nutrition.

In this post you will discover what the types of stress are, the price we pay for not recognizing the difference and how to change this.

Which of the two poles of a battery can we remove so that it continues to function optimally? The answer …

This article belongs to a series of multiple parts: Finally, we arrived to the Execution part. Part 4 – Triage …

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