Drawing – Week #3

#aprilDrawing is getting way more fun in Week #3. Learning to draw from photographs and shading are the covered areas this time.

Don’t miss the progress of April’s challenge in Week #1 and Week #2.

Drawing from photographs

Do you remember last week when I said that drawing still life was the most challenging thing that I have done?…well, I was wrong. Drawing from photographs is the new most challenging one (ha!).

I used the Grid Method in this drawing (find a useful tool to create grids here). In this method, you draw a very light grid on the reference photo that you want to copy. Let’s say that you end up with a grid that is 10×10 squares. Then, in your sketchbook, you replicate the same grid. This way, the grid in your reference will be the guide to follow for your drawing.

The technique helped a lot. The tricky part was drawing the feathers!!! After practicing for several hours on a different sheet, I came up with different alternatives from which I applied the one displayed in the pictures above. I’m still not convinced that I got it right, though. #thoughtfulFace.

Shading Techniques

Shading constitutes one of the most important resources in order to make your drawings look realistic. That means display texture, depth (3D appearance) and perspective.

The following photos demonstrate how playing with the different types of shadows makes a plain drawing stand out and have personality.

Do you remember the 60% Rule from Week #2? That’s what was used for this drawing to get a realistic perspective. You can see that the drawing is in the center of the page and it respects the box created by the thin lines. That box represents the 60% of the distance between the 2 Perspective Points used in the drawing.

The Illustrator’s Path

Kiri Østergaard Leonard‘s journey to become an Illustrator is something that really moved me over the week. She summarizes the ups and downs of any passionate person that devotes his/her time to a calling. Whether people like her are tagged entrepreneurs or artists, it doesn’t matter. “Be true to your work and your work will be true to you” is what matters.



Do you need 30 Day Drawing Challenge inspiration?

Max Deutsch self-portrait

It’s inspiring to find like-minded people that challenge themselves with similar approaches and subjects. That’s how I found, Max Deustch and his personal challenge to draw realistic portraits in 30 days in December 2016.

Well done, Max!!! #respect



That’s it for this week. Stay tuned for the final summary of #aprilDrawing!

In the meantime, keep on drawing & learning.


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