How to Come Back Alive from the Rabbit Hole

How many times have we said:

I’d like to learn a new language“, “I’d like to play an instrument“, or “I’d like to juggle“, yet we have not taken any steps towards that goal?

That was me for years, especially when I moved to the US.

Here I had a pretty average life. You know, a 9 to 5 job, hanging out in my free time. Rinse and repeat on Monday.

One afternoon, everything changed.

I was driving back to my apartment in North Austin and when I was about to park, a question suddenly hit me from within:

JJ, If you have unlimited access to information, why are you not devouring it?

What changed my life was not the question but the answer, and it came in the form of a promise:

From now on, I won’t finish a single day without learning something new for at least 10 minutes”.

That’s it. 10 minutes per day.

If you don’t have 10 minutes, you don’t have a life.

But, with a curious mind, where should I start?

That’s when structure comes useful. I decided to pick 1 topic to dive into per month.

Considering that it was only 10- minutes a day, if I didn’t like the topic, then I just spent 5 hours per month. That’s about 2 movies. That’s it.

So, my first topic was running because where I came from, you only run for 2 reasons. You’re late to take your bus, or someone is trying to rob you.

That topic, Running, got me interested in Breathwork, and that one got me interested in meditation, so the 3 of them improved my body and mind.

And that got me interested in juggling, and that lead me to neuroscience, which got me interested in Cloud Technologies, which improved my job situation.

And that got me interested in working while traveling, which got me curious about becoming a Digital Nomad and that lead me to Brazil to learn to speak Portuguese in 30 days, and to visit 25 cities in a year, which made my life very very happy.

To a lot of people, it sounds like a dabbler, but after more than 50 months doing this, you become a Jack of all Trades, Master of…Learning, someone who developed techniques to consume, consolidate and remember information, and to practice what he was learned. In other words to walk the walk. (and if you’re interested in those techniques, check the Improve Your Learning Skills” Masterclass).

But you know, this story is not about me. This story is about you.

The point here is to re-ignite the kid’s curiosity that lives within you and to pair it up with your grown-up’s expertise.

I know I’m preaching this to the choir. Like-minded people with a passion for growth. And guess what?, Curiosity is the fuel of growth.

Curiosity is what leads you down the rabbit hole, and expertise is what will get you back alive and…. with the rabbit in hand.

So remember: the goal of curiosity is not to find answers. The goal of curiosity is to make better questions.

Now the question is: what are you curious to learn today?

Let me know in the comments and let’s continue the conversation.


Keep on Learning,



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