My Brain Flow – Part 5 – Execute! Period

This article belongs to a series of multiple parts:

Finally, we arrived to the Execution part.

Part 4 – Triage and Detachment was critical super important because it removed the majority of the noise that derails our way towards Execution.

It’s in the Execution stage when the Info Bricks that we triaged and classified as useful raw materials will get transformed into a new creation.

Take this as your actual Production Assembly Line or Production System, the place where you make things happen for real.

This diagram shows the entire system, which is based on “Getting Things Done“, with a few tweaks.

The Production Inbox

Even though this Station is not easy to visualize, it is where you keep all the Info Bricks that you stored after you triaged them (Part 4 – Triage and Detachment).

In my case, the majority of the Info Bricks are stored in Obsidian, Evernote and GoogleDrive.

Now, if you’re wondering what about the ordinary To-Dos that show up unexpectedly, I save those ones in my Task Manager, “Things“.

The point of the Production Box is to ask yourself: “What’s the Next Action that I need to take to move forward?“.

The answer will come paired up with one or more Info Bricks that you can use to make progress in your current projects.

Execution Questions

When I want to execute, I use the the following questions as the lubricant to enable flow in the production process.

It works for all sorts of Info Bricks, for example: To-Dos to work on, articles to read, photos that work as inspiration, etc.

1. <2 Minutes?

If you estimate that the task or whatever that you want to move forward with will take less than 2 minutes, then DO IT!.

2. Can someone else do it?

No need to play the martyr here. “No one else can do it better than I can.” many times is just an excuse that masks perfectionism or obsessive-compulsive behaviors. I’ve been there many times.

Maybe you’re not in the position to delegate tasks to your colleagues, friends, family or even your children (yet). BUT, if you’re really honest with yourself, you’ll find stuff that you shouldn’t be doing at all.

Ask yourself “who or what is a better fit for performing this task?”

And, don’t be afraid to not only delegate, but also to automate things that are trivial to humans. We’ll talk about this in the Tech Stack session below.

Execution Stations

1. Do it!

Execute! Period.

2. Schedule

Schedule an appointment in your calendar with your future self to make this happen.

3. Delegate/Automate

Delegate the execution of this task to someone else or automate it.

Then, and probably the most important part, capture this follow up task in the Staging (Inbox) area from Part 3 – Capture What Really Matters. This way you know you’ll get back to it in the future to deal with it if necessary or to mark it as accomplished.

The Production Tech Stack

  • Things 3 – My Task Manager
  • ObsidianEvernote, and Google Docs for writing
  • Pencil and paper, and iPad to diagram mindmaps
  • Physical post-its or the Post-it App to identify and play with the order of the main key ideas from presentations
  • Zapier – The NoCode platform to automate the heck out of trivial tasks.

If you realized, the 2nd Brain Flow seems a one way path from up to button.

Instead, many of the stations that you arrvive to in the Execution portion will go back to the Capture part transformed in:

  • delegated tasks to follow up
  • material for other colleagues to work on
  • blogposts that need to get published
  • any other type of new Info Bricks

The purposed of it all is to keep refining your production system ad infinitum.

That’s it.

This article finishes the series of My Brain Flow. In it, we covered how to optimize a mental flow to help you become more productive, effective, and at the same time, relaxed.

The question for you now is: How are you going to optimize your own mental process? 🤓

Let me know in the comments and let’s keep up with the conversation.

Keep learning. Keep optimizing.


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