Hey all!! April 2018 is when I test my drawing skills. #aprilDrawing

Brief Intro

When I was a kid I loved drawing. I used to copy superhero characters from comic books. Once I drew Wolverine on a cast on my arm! I wasn’t an expert cartoonist, but several people said there was potential. Probably the last time that I drew something for the sake of it was when I was around 13 or 14.

The last week of February 2018 (around 17 years year), I read Mastery by Robert Greene and it slapped me in the face when he suggested that in order to start your quest for mastery, in any field, you must love the subject and feel a deep connection to it. To do that he suggests a strategy called “Return to your origins – The primal inclination strategy”, in other words, rewind your memory and find what you loved doing when you were a kid. Therefore, here we are.


By the end of April, I will be able to make a semi-realistic drawing of a life still object. In other words, draw a realistic copy of whatever I see in real life.


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