May 2018 is the when I decided to improve my memory (after several times I forgot to start this kind training!). The key to this month is the understanding of memory in general that the application of mnemonics.

Yes, you read it correctly: M-n-e-m-o-n-i-c-s. What’s that??? In a few words, a mnemonic is any technique that helps to remember information from your memory.

How? When? Why do this? This is what this month’s challenge will help to clarify. You can follow me on this journey with the hashtag #mayArtOfMemory on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles.

Brief Intro

Do you recall your first kiss? Do you recall an embarrassing moment? I bet you do. But do you remember the name of the person that just greeted you warmly before he/she knows that you don’t? or, do you remember the date of the French Revolution when you have the History test right in front and only 1 minute left? or, do you remember the lesson learned last time before just you make the same error again?

There are memories that we must recall efficiently when is the right time (and other ones that we need to forget efficiently, too). Why not train our brains – the best computer that we know so far – to become super effective at this task? Let’s learn how memory works and how we can forge it to our benefit!


By the end of May, I will be armed with memory techniques to apply in daily situations in order to retain and recall information efficiently.

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