#33 – Witalij Martynow – The Breathwork Guy, Healing through the Body, Psychedelics and more

“Your body remembers everything that has happened to you, and even though you may connect something in your head, you need to release it from the body, and that’s what breathwork does.”

Witalij Martynow

Witalij Martynow (@witality) is a breathwork facilitator and shamanic practitioner that bridges science and spirituality to create powerful healing experiences.

This man has endured extreme physical, emotional, and psychological pains. Thanks to them, he understood the power of our minds and the wisdom of our bodies.

With 6 feet 10 inches of height, he started this story a few years ago as a basketball player.

After realizing that success is primarily mental, he decided to dive into this topic. He distilled his expertise in the book “The other eighty – the ultimate guide to Master your mind.”.

His work is based on the belief in releasing energy and emotions due to his ideology that everything is energy and that the body is driven by many emotions and retained feelings. He combines plant medicines and breathwork techniques to help people release their traumas and get conscious of their patterns. Witalij is a firm believer that everything in your body is connected. The basis of his ideas is that everything is correlated, and the body itself can help understand why some things happen to a person and why they experience pain or keep repeating some patterns.

Self-acceptance is another strong base on his sessions since he’s driven by the idea that a lot of people get into a habit of, I would say, toxic positivity because people focus so much on the good stuff that they discredit and ignore the presence of their shadow.

On his journey, he realized that by working with the shadow, people expand their capacity for positivity because instead of being afraid of something or running from something, if people face it, they will fill that space with love. Because eventually, that shadow is also us, and he tries to teach people that if we neglect and do not integrate certain aspects of our personality and emotions, we’re not having enough love for ourselves.

Witalij is a teacher and a student himself; he claims that the best master is the person who can always call himself an apprentice. He tries to help people realize that they can heal themselves by doing some of the techniques he teaches, by releasing feelings that were stuck into the body without even noticing. He practices the idea of healing and believes that everyone starts their journey in a different spot. Still, one thing is for sure, Witalij encourages people to realize they are healers.


In this conversation, you will learn:

  • What Breathwork is and what you can use it for
  • Healing emotions through the body
  • Why Self-love is the key Trauma Release
  • An introduction to Plant Medicine (Psychedelics) and NLP
  • …and more!

Enjoy the interview!


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