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Jason Marc Campbell – From getting Scammed to Leading a Sales Revolution based on Love

Jason Marc Campbell is a “Warrior of enlightened sales”, a man on a mission to optimize the world by teaching companies to care more and to do business in alignment with their values. 

He is the author of “Selling with Love”, and the host of the Podcast with the same name. A space where he connects with other experts on topics of Leadership, Teambuilding, Communication, Productivity and so much more.

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Santiago Cortes Calle – Emprendimiento y Podcasting en LATAM, cómo cogerle amor al dinero y las ventas, y más

Santiago Cortes Calle (@santiagoccalle) es el Co-fundador del Podcast Empréndete, y Co-fundador de Naranja Media, la productora de podcasts más grande en Colombia y una de las más destacadas en los últimos 6 años en el habla hispana.

Santiago tiene el espíritu del emprendedor clavado hasta la médula. Él y su equipo de trabajo dieron más giros que un trompo, pero, en lugar de un día caerse, encontraron su manera ideal de hacer negocios, y de eso hablaremos hablamos en este episodio.

Santiago, no solo es un emprendedor, sino un fantástico storyteller, y un astuto vendedor.

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Nadia Nemer – El Arte de Aprender de tus Propios Errores, Transformarte en Rihanna, Resiliencia en los Negocios y más

Nadia Nemer es una empresaria, experta en Event Marketing y fundadora de Nemer Studio®.

Con mucho carisma y buena energía, ella es una de las pocas empresarias que está conectando continentes con iniciativas como el blog de aventuras e inspiración Travel Rocks, la escuela de Event Makers® y en especial la comunidad para mujeres emprendedoras y empresarias Woman Rocks®, de la cual hablamos en este episodio.

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Javier Millan – Oír al runrún interno, inspirar al crecimiento personal, el arte de entrevistar y más

Javier Millan es el Cofundador de la Escuela de la Inspiración, y el host de Más Allá de la Marca Personal, una comunidad que conecta con expertos y autores de libros en diferentes áreas a través de entrevistas.

Sin embargo, el recorría un camino muy diferente antes de estos proyectos. Él era una persona más en el mundo corporativo, con una familia que mantener, e hipoteca que pagar. Hasta que decidió escuchar y seguir a su “runrún” interno.

Con toda la experiencia adquirida en su propio camino de superación personal y profesional, actualmente él ayuda a otros a encontrar su pasión y seguirla a través de Life Coaching y Executive Coaching.
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Fab Giovanetti – Reclaiming your Time Off, Entrepreneurship, Monetizing your Passion, and more

Fab Giovanetti is an award-winning marketer and entrepreneur with a mission to support people making a positive impact through their marketing.

She’s also the founder of Creative Impact Collective, the CEO of the Alt Marketing School, and the host of the podcast with the same name. There, her mission is to raise a new generation of marketers.

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Barton Guy Bryan – The Athlete and Performer combination, the true impact of Peace Corps, and the quest for continuous improvement

Barton Guy Bryan is a Region Director and Virtual Product Director with Camp Gladiator in Austin, Texas.

He is also the host of The Mindset Forge, a podcast that focuses on learning lessons from successful athletes and performing artists. People who show up for the big moments of performance, and he is a student of that.

Barton has a unique mix of high performance athlete and artist himself. That combination, his charisma and zest are what gets irradiated in his show and in his personal coach career.

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Albert Baez – Baseball and sales, resilience, and how to create a disrupting Tech Startup

Albert Baez is an entrepreneur, Co-founder, and President at Blended Sense, a Tech Startup that disrupts the way that creative freelancers and small business owners connect. On one side, the platform helps creatives to focus on their craft, and on the other side, business owners get help generating content assets.

But he did not start like that. He actually was on his way to become a Baseball star when life threw him a curve ball that forced an unexpectedly change in his trajectory.

After rebuilding himself up, he took a very different career path, which is what years later inspired the creation of his company.

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Matt Shook – Juiceland, gratitude, having fun while creating a health empire, breathwork, and more

Matt Shook is an entrepreneur and founder of Juiceland, the biggest chain of juices and smoothies in Texas.

He is a very unusual entrepreneur. As a kid, his main goal was to be a slacker and just have fun. Thanks to his savviness and optimism, he was able to find ways to reach that goal by creating a health empire.

He has created a culture around healthy lifestyles, community and contribution that powers the growth of Juiceland and impacts the places where they are located.

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Karem Suarez – Inteligencia financiera y emocional, combinar pasión y habilidades, creencias sobre el dinero, productividad y más

Karem Suarez es una creadora de contenido digital especializada en temas de finanzas personales, economía, emprendimiento y productividad.

Su carisma y alegría innatas, y sus habilidades como presentadora, entrevistadora y locutora la llevan a codearse frecuentemente con reconocidas personalidades latinoamericanas del emprendimiento y negocios.

Con más de 600 videos en YouTube (y contando), ella domina e inspira a personas de distintas edades a ganar educación financiera para mejorar su calidad de vida.

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Rob Fitzpatrick – The Mom Test, lessons from startups, lifestyle design, overcoming ADHD & more

Rob Fitzpatrick is an entrepreneur who considers this area of expertise a long-term career.

For the last decade and a half, we went through the ups and downs of startups to finally figure out that what motivates him is creating products for people he cares about.

Rob portrays his expertise in three books, from which he’s mainly known by The Mom Test.

His pursue of freedom of time, location, and attention, took him to create businesses that enable a unique lifestyle that now shows the way to other people.

In this conversation, we talked about:

– Designing a sustainable lifestyle on your terms
– Survival businesses
– Lessons from bankruptcy and – sleeping on a hammock
– Structured Serendipity
– How to be happier by implementing life constraints
– Overcoming ADHD
– Non-traditional business “marriages”
– How to design effective workshops
– Strategic leisure time
– Removing your ego to find the truth
– Conversations as learning vehicles
…and much more!

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