#34 – Banu Hantal Kellner – Pt1 – Causes for Burnout, how the Nervous System works & High-Performance mindset

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“If your sense of worth is tied to current things with your work and the chance of failure means that you’re gonna lose your sense of worth, it can be very threatening.”

Banu Hantal Kellner

Banu Hantal Kellner is an Executive Coach who spent more than 25 years studying the human mind and performance.

She is passionate about translating psychology and neuroscience into workspace and leadership applications. Thanks to that, she has been trusted by companies like Coca-Cola, Vodafone, HelloFresh, and many more.

She’s on a mission to improve performance without compromising wellbeing. This conversation is fascinating to you if you’re a Knowledge Worker – someone who uses their brain to produce results at work – and wants to learn strategies to avoid burnout.

She currently works to help create companies that fit as places of growth, promoting the meaning behind those companies and the positive impact they can have. Banu has worked with different companies, and in her personal experience, she has reinvented herself to become a person who can help others to find a better way of performing and realize their potential. Her goal is to help executives achieve better, become better leaders, and have a better life. Her mission, as she says, is: do great things, live a good life.” Because she believes that people can have both.

One of Banu’s ideas is that success also brings challenges; it’s not only failure that fits problems. Due to her psychological experience, she claims that our nervous system prepares us for the different responses that we might have to different situations; she argues that our nervous system and neuroception are what categorizes different stressors into “good” or “bad” and therefore, some of them trigger our survival responses.

Despite this, Banu Hantal Kelner is a woman who also emphasizes the importance of the mindset in the daily responses of our bodies in any situation or task, which leads her to promote the idea of either changing the air or changing the environment when it comes to taking care of your body responses. She supports the idea that we live as psycho-physiological beings, claiming that we’re not just our mind, there’s a mind and body, and the further you understand how things work, the more you cannot separate them.

One thing Banu is passionate about is connecting psychology and neuroscience into workspace and leadership applications. Her work improves people’s performance without compromising well-being. 

In this conversation, you will learn:

  • Neuroscience and its applications
  • Work balance and work environment
  • The importance of mind-setting
  • …and more!

Enjoy the interview!


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