#18 – Barton Guy Bryan – The Athlete and Performer combination, the true impact of Peace Corps, and the quest for continuous improvement

Barton Guy Bryan

– There’s this balance of not being afraid of the moment and putting the effort in, but you also have to have parameters around what you’re doing so that you’re not blowing all your energy up.

– You are better when you have a coach.

Barton Guy Bryan

Barton Guy Bryan is a Region Director and Virtual Product Director with Camp Gladiator in Austin, Texas.

He is also the host of The Mindset Forge, a podcast that focuses on learning lessons from successful athletes and performing artists. People who show up for the big moments of performance, and he is a student of that.

Barton has a unique mix of high performance athlete and artist himself. That combination, his charisma and zest are what gets irradiated in his show and in his personal coach career.

In this conversation with Barton we talked about:

  • Athletics and performance
  • Peace Corps and Africa
  • Playing safe vs Playing full-in
  • Prioritizing family and health
  • Opera Singing
  • Getting the ego in check
  • How to overcome stage freight
  • …and much more!

Enjoy the interview!


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