#32 – Marcos Sponton – Yerbo, Burnout, and technology applied to achieve mental well-being

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“In mental health and well-being management, no one is a hero. Most of the time, you need to get support from others.”

Marcos Sponton

Marcos Sponton (@MarcosSponton) is the founder and CEO of Yerbo.  He’s also the man behind Machinalis, an artificial intelligence company that positioned itself as the largest company in its area in Latin America and led to its acquisition by MercadoLibre. Besides, he’s recognized by Forbes as one of the 30 most promising Argentinians for using data to solve business challenges. He is now forging the future of preventive mental well-being at work. 

He is convinced that any business can be created or managed without burning out people. Marcos prioritizes mental wellness in the day-to-day activities of any company; he knows the importance of Yerbo, which uses technology in favor of mental well-being.

Marcos does what he does and finds his inspiration, because he doesn’t accept burnout as a common thing in businesses, he thinks it shouldn’t be “business casual”. He grows and unfolds in this environment also because he lived the burnout experience first hand, by almost losing his father because of burnout symptoms.

Its entrepreneurial purpose is to make mental well-being at work accessible for those in digital environments so that it ceases to be a luxury or the good fortune of a boss who cares about it.

The importance of his work is sustained by the creation of consciousness and awareness in the work environment. He claims that understanding is not just knowing something but being connected to it, being conscious about where something is happening, and when it is happening in a person or team.

He also reminds us of a saying: “People don’t quit their job, they quit their boss,” and the reality is that’s why he suggests being much more focused on leadership collaboratively and horizontally by creating a safe environment where everyone feels safe to speak their minds.

In this conversation you will learn about:

  • Burnout
  • Mental Health
  • Anti burnout tips
  • Leadership
  • …and more!

Enjoy the interview!


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