#21 – Mark Brement – Poker skills, making decisions under pressure, and the pursue of continuous learning

I’m into growing myself. I’m 62 and I’m still taking classes. I can’t learn enough.

Mark Brement

Mark Brement is a Poker Player and a Poker Coach with a long trajectory in this discipline.

His expertise and stories not only come from the world of Poker, but also from a list of different adventures in tournaments and trips around the world.

When I met Mark, I was mostly interested in his decision-making process and that was just one of the topics that we discussed.

In this conversation you will learn:

  • How to start your Poker career
  • How to find opportunities out of what you love doing
  • Decision making strategies
  • How to manage emotions under pressure
  • Skills from poker that can be transferred outside the table
  • How to improve your relationship with money
  • Artificial Intelligence in Poker
  • The power of unlearning to improve as a person
  • …and more!

Enjoy the interview!


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  1. Mark Bremment and I also met on a Story Skills Workshop Zoom meeting. We have spoken on the phone as well. He’s a super nice guy,
    You may like to know that the email link in the body hear says “Page Not Found”

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