#23 – Noah Abbott – Lumos Fitness Collective, functional movements, the challenge of starting a business, learning to rely on others and more

Anytime you have something where your identity is tied up to, and you realized that it needs to change, that’s like trying to bend a big monolith thing towards what you really want. That’s a challenge and it’s better to realize it as early as possible and get it out of your head.

Noah Abbott

Noah Abbott is a personal fitness coach and the owner of Lumos Fitness Collective in Austin, Texas.

His path was on a different trajectory years ago in New York, where he was a law enforcement officer and personal training was his side job. Until one day he realized what his current career was not fulfilling anymore. That’s when he decided to move to Austin and start a business based on his passion.

In this conversation you will learn:

  • The challenge to start a fitness business
  • Functional Movements
  • Park Bench vs Bus Bench Workouts
  • Building a value-based fitness community
  • Fitness Coaches & Business Mentors
  • …and more!

Enjoy the interview!


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