#44 – David Sutcliffe – Healing Through Feeling, Psychosomatic Therapy, Shadow Work and more

Is in presence where you can heal. You have to stay present to heal, that’s essentially what healing is: Re-living the trauma from our childhood in presence, allowing it to come to our bodies but being present for it, not being dissociated in our story”.
David Suitcliffe
We all probably know David from the TV Shows Gilmore Girls or Private Practice. He definitely had a successful career as an actor, but one day the shawdow of his own dissatisfaction finally caught him and triggered his shift point.
He thinks that being an actor it’s a very vulnerable profession, because actors are always exposed. But it’s also very liberating once they get to manage the fear of exposure. As a former actor,  he’s the one to point out the fact that we’re always on a role in some way, wearing a mask and always performing. Acting taught him more than anything else about presence, because that’s what the camera reads, presence; and that’s where everything changes.
Today, David Suitcliffe is a facilitator whose mission is to share what he learned from his experiences and preparation, to create, inspire, and contribute toward people healing. He studied many fields related to the human mind and body, such as yoga, breathwork, hypnosis, including shamanism. He even became a certified practicioner, in order to really understand the mind and how emotional blockings affects it.
One of the most powerful ideas he has, is that it’s not only our anger or frustration and pain that is held back, it’s also our love and light. In fact, he reinforces the reality that we all have something unique and powerful to give to the world, and being full awared of our fears and pain can help us fulfill our highest potential.

In this conversation, you will learn about:

  • Deep Feeling
  • Trauma release
  • Core-Energetics
  • Healing through Feeling
  • Flow State
  • Emotional System
  • Emotion created by Motion
  • … and more!

Enjoy the interview! 


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