Breathwork Exploration Session

Breathwork to relief stress from the Nervous System, get a clear mind, and optimize your physiological and emotional resilience.

Breathing for Performance

Discover what Optimal Breathing means and how to achieve it on a daily basis

Optimal Learning

Accelerate your learning to acquire and master skills for work and outside of it.

Engineer your 2nd Brain

Optimize your Productivity in the Age of Information Overwhelm

Habits Engineering

Leverage neuroscience, psychology, and human optimization to acquire, replace, and design habits that work for you.

Shift Left Recovery

Learn how to avoid burnout and achieve optimal performance

Agile Fundamentals

Increase your personal productivity and your company's with Agile

Mental Resilience Workshop

Discover practical & sustainable ways to avoid burnout based on your own mind and body.

Goal Setting based on Nervous System

Effective ways to achieve goals involving your mind & your body.


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aBOut the instructor:

JJ is a Human Optimization Strategist who empowers Startup Founders and business leaders to avoid burnout and achieve optimal performance.

He uses his proven HumanOps Framework to “upgrade” three key areas of personal development: physiology, psychology, and emotions, delivering tangible and sustainable results.

Learn more about JJ Ruescas and Optimizing Me at:


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