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Reset – Optimize your Nervous System with Breathwork & Dance – Nov 14th

November 14 @ 6:00 am - 9:00 pm



 Optimize your Nervous System

with Breathwork & Dance

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Step into a realm of transformation and peak human optimization at “Reset – Optimize your Nervous System with Breathwork & Dance“.


Arts & Culture Lab“, located in Houston, will be the home for this unique experience. This 3-hour event is designed to upgrade your mind, body, and emotions, connecting you with a community of Optimizers.


Breathwork Session

Kickstart your journey with a guided breathwork session that combines various techniques including Holotropic Breathwork, the Wim Hof Method, Soma, and Respiration Performance. This session is crafted to unlock higher levels of consciousness, release latent energy, and foster a profound connection with your inner self.


Blind Folded Ecstatic Dance

Transition into a space of uninhibited freedom with an ecstatic dance session. Let the rhythmic beats guide your movements as you express yourself authentically, fostering connections and embodying the joyous potential of human optimization through dance.



As the evening winds down, we transition into the integration part to collect the insights and breakthroughs of this experience in your mind and nervous system.


Come join us for an evening where every breath and every bite is a celebration of life, every conversation a new connection, and every moment a step closer to an optimized version of ourselves.


At the end of this experience, you’ll receive access to a Pre-Recorded Beginner Breathwork session to apply what you learned at home. (Value $27)



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Arts & Culture Lab
5301 Polk Street
Houston, TX United States
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