#42 – Mike Linares – Simple Nursing, How to Disrupt Traditional Education, Entrepreneurship and more

The biggest thing that I learned is that you gotta learn before you earn and grow your brain and grow your bank because what you put in your mind, the thoughts that you put in your mind, they’re truly the way. So if you think you can’t do it, you can’t. And if you think you can do it, well, you can”.

Mike Linares

Mike Linares (@Mike.Linares) is the CEO and Founder of SimpleNursing an online modernized teaching tool for nursing students born from Mike’s needs. Around 2012 (while attending Cerritos Nursing School in Southern California), Mike was called into his Dean’s office to receive perilous news about his upcoming mid-term. Unfortunately, he wasn’t doing so well.

Following that news, he realized that the nursing education system was outdated and impractical, but he still managed to graduate. After graduating from Nursing School and in the middle of his shift as a nurse in a Hospital, he realized that he needed to change his lifestyle and find a way to improve the Nursing School learning methods. From that point, he spent nights and weekends filming content to publish for his peers on Youtube…, and that’s how SimpleNursing was born!

Mike Linares defines himself as an entrepreneur who saw a need in the educational system and decided to take the risk of starting his own business while helping others get through Nursing School. His company quickly succeeded after many YouTube videos and became the favorite and most trusted resource for nursing students worldwide. One of the benefits SimpleNursing offers is its dynamic exam preparation and e-learning technology to provide nursing students with the knowledge and resources critical for success in today’s most competitive nursing programs.

As with every story, Mike’s and SimpleNursing’s story has a rough patch, and at some point, things started to get complicated in the family business, which grew quickly. After this, he had to reinvent his ideas and realized he had to keep learning to grow; today, one of his greater quotes is: “You have to learn before you earn.”

In this episode, you will learn about the following:

    • Entrepreneurship
    • The 3 P’s of Success
    • Questions to focus (What?, Why?)
    • Techniques to Create 10 Business Ideas
    • Educational Bootcamps
    • … and more!

Enjoy this episode!

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