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2nd Brain - Learning Template

To start your Learning Path, copy & paste this Learning Template in your notebook or preferred note-taking app.


Start Date:
End Date:

  • Curiosity Backlog

  • Courses

  • Apps & Tools

  • Gurus (Experts)

  • How to Practice

  • Learning Route


OL ChatGPT Prompt Templates

Copy & Paste the following prompts in your ChatGPT conversation.

Prompt 1. Start your Learning Path here. Replace [YOUR TOPIC] with your own topic.

Act as a world class expert in [YOUR TOPIC] and find me

  • the best 5 books on the topic and links
  • the top 5 experts in the world and their websites or social media
  • the best 3 courses or training online and links
  • the best 3 podcasts and the name of their hosts and links
  • the best 2 documentaries
  • the best 3 youtube channels and links

Prompt 1.1. Use this prompt to extract the main concepts and principles from your topic, and common mistakes to avoid.

Since you’re an expert in this topic, tell me the

  • 5 main concepts
  • 5 main principles
  • Common beginner mistakes to avoid

Prompt 1.2. If the topic is hard to understand, use this prompt to simplify it for you.

Explain the topic to me as if I am

  • a 5 year old
  • a 20 year old
  • a 60 year old
  • use metaphors when needed

Prompt 2. Find the easiest way to start practicing your topic right now and in a 5-minute time window.

What’s the easiest way to start practicing this topic starting right now and considering that I have only 5 minutes?

Prompt 3. Use either of these prompts to design your Learning Route focused on practicing.

Also use the last prompt to provide you with information about the tools or apps that you might need to start practicing.

Design a 30 day plan that takes me only 10 minutes a day to practice this topic and increase my expertise hands-on. Apply the 80/20 Principle. Include links to tutorials.

I have only 30 days to improve my expertise on this topic. What are most effective ways to practice?

What tools or apps do I need in order to practice and gain expertise? Provide links.

Prompt 4. Use this prompt to Test your knowledge. This is an effective way to get feedback.

Test my knowledge on the topic

Recommended Readings

Do you suggest other resources? Let me know and let’s optimize this current list! 🙂

Keep Learning. Keep Optimizing.



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