Accelerate your learning using strategies, techniques and technology

Learning something new can be intimidating for anyone.

In fact, “*not knowing where to start”*, or “*not having time for a 4-year degree*” are some of the most common mental obstacles that we all experience and that impede our personal and professional development.

And in fact, neither school nor university teach us effective ways of learning.

That is why in this practical workshop on Optimal Learning is designed for you to discover personalized strategies and techniques to create face any type of learning and accelerate your level of experience in it.


You will discover how your brain works when learning something new

You will use techniques and Artificial Intelligence effectively to structure your own way of learning

Understand and apply the fundamentals of the Learning Cycle

You will start the learning habit that will take your career and personal life to another level

Create personalized strategies to accelerate your learning

Who is this Workshop for?

This 90-minute Workshop (in person or virtual) is designed for all types of Knowledge Workers, both in the business world and in Start-ups.

It is an ideal complement for team building activities (Team-Building activities), company retreats and other group events. We understand that each group is unique, so it is possible to customize the content of the workshop to meet specific needs.


Ready to book this Workshop?

Are you looking for a transformative experience that will leave a lasting impact on your team or organization? Look no further than this Workshop!

If you have an upcoming event, organizational retreat, team-building activity, or any similar gathering, let’s work together to create an unforgettable experience for your team.

To learn more about this workshop can benefit your organization, reach out to me via email at [info@jjruescas.com] 📧. Let’s start a conversation and discover how we can serve your organization in the best possible way.


Olga Salinas
Siempre he sido una persona, aprendedora y buscadora de respuestas, pero hay algo que ha cambiado en mí después de las sesiones de coaching y es mi autoconfianza para ejecutar y creer en mí. Toda la experiencia, conocimientos, técnicas, métodos que JJ me ha enseñado, me ha contado, han servido para hacer este cambio de mentalidad y realmente dejar de planear y empezar a ejecutar todo eso que tenía pensado hace bastantes años.
Kindra Cooper
The most noticeable improvement from having JJ as my life coach is that I finally pulled the career up. I finally pulled the trigger on a career switch that I've been thinking about doing for two years. JJ helped me break down this massive goal into like small actionable steps and really understand what was blocking me from getting there. And I've realized that in working with JJ Coaching is more about understanding your obstacles. Like once you actually set your mind to do something, you can get it done, but it's about clearing those obstacles.
Jessica Coulthard
During this time working with JJ I saw my life change in a lot of different ways. I was able to pay off my credit card, set better boundaries. I asked for a raise, and I held myself accountable on my workout routine. And JJ was really crucial to this because he gave me the push that I needed. He also helped me address some of my insecurities and things that were holding me back. And then he came up with a plan of action to help me get the things done that I wanted. So it was really great to work with them. He is accountable, reliable, He's fun to work with.
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