Formula: “x – 32 Years = Lifetime”

It’s not about adding¬†years to¬†your lifetime on every birthday celebration but instead, it’s about how much time remains. Most of the time, we humans allow our indifference towards time to […]

Short Trips

Why is it that we get that dopamine rush when we’re on a short trip? We’ve all had that adventure, that even may last for a weekend only, it makes […]

The cat didn’t have a chance

“Curiosity killed the cat” they said, but the truth is that the cat had zero chance against life. Show me a cat that has lived forever (not even Egyptian cat […]

The Roller Coaster.

Today I learned that life has ups and downs in each of the categories of our existence. Seeing others succeed motivates us. Seeing others fall makes us sad. At one […]

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