Beat the “I Need to Know More” Anxiety

The Rumsfeld's Matrix

Trying to “Know More” is a sure way to anxiety.

There is a way to avoid that itch, it’s understand how much and how well we know something.

Check this article to avoid the anxiety and make the most out of your knowledge.

Silly Questions and Why You Want to Ask Them

Why is it so hard to ask questions that could bring opportunities?

When we talk about learning, there is a cure for it. Discover it here and put it into practice in 5 minutes.

How to Come Back Alive from the Rabbit Hole

For years I said things like: “I’d like to learn a new language” or “I’d like to play an instrument”, yet no steps were taken towards that goal.

One afternoon, everything changed.

Discover how it worked for me and how it may also work for you.

Drawing – Week #3

#aprilDrawing is getting way more fun in Week #3. Learning to draw from photographs and shading are the covered areas this time. Don’t miss the progress of April’s challenge in Week […]

Mass Production Machines

An average human is right now producing: 3mm or 0.12inch of nails per month. Around 15cm or 6 inches of hair per year. Between 0.8 to 1.4 liters of sweat […]

Human Resumé

When we apply for a job, the potential employer asks how many years of expertise do we have…. and, like any human applying for his/her first job, the answer is […]

Three Ways to Learn

Life taught me that there are three ways to learn: The easy way The hard way The wise way The first one – the easy way – is ephemeral. Usually, […]

The cat didn’t have a chance

“Curiosity killed the cat” they said, but the truth is that the cat had zero chance against life. Show me a cat that has lived forever (not even Egyptian cat […]