Silly Questions and Why You Want to Ask Them

Why is it so hard to ask questions that could bring opportunities?

When we talk about learning, there is a cure for it. Discover it here and put it into practice in 5 minutes.

How to Come Back Alive from the Rabbit Hole

For years I said things like: “I’d like to learn a new language” or “I’d like to play an instrument”, yet no steps were taken towards that goal.

One afternoon, everything changed.

Discover how it worked for me and how it may also work for you.

CI/CD in real life

CI/CD or Continuous Integration and Delivery is not related to software and technology exclusively. CI/CD means – overall – Continuous Integration of lessons into our minds and Continuous Delivery of […]

{We Code}

Yes… You – the least techy person reading this – You Code. Here are some examples of common scenarios where we all code: When a couple listens to a song and […]

Stand Up and Fight

Stand up and fight. The battlefield is not in other men’s land, but it’s in our own minds. We fight against the egoic mind, the one that says “I can’t”, […]

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