Which pole would you remove from the battery?

Which of the two poles of a battery can we remove so that it continues to function optimally?

The answer is: None.

We need both poles for the battery to work.

That’s why there is no such thing as a “good pole” and a “bad pole”. There are only positive and negative poles.

Everything we know has both poles. A kind of duality like day and night, like left and right, like pain and pleasure (like bread and butter 😄).

If we try to stick only to the pole that we like the most, sooner or later the battery will stop working. We need both poles for the battery to work.

Similarly, for a job to work, for a romantic relationship to work, for a business to work, (dang…for the planet to rotate!) we need the polarity of tension and relaxation.

Make peace with both poles and what you like will start to work.

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