#43 – Xuan Gwar – Shamanism, Religion, the Wisdom of Plant Medicine, Ego Work and more

“It seems that religion has undermined a little bit of our connection with the other elements and has made everything homocentric. Bringing down this illusion of homocentricity is a fundamental aspect of shamanic training, abandoning this idea that man is the center of the universe and everything is made for us”.
Xuan Gwar
Xuan Gwar, our guest today, is a Shaman from the Andean-Amazonian traditions.
His skill is the translation of the silent messages that Sacred plants like Ayahuasca, Tabaco, San Pedro, and others utter to human beings.
He is a connector between ancient healing technologies and the modern world; this is especially helpful in situations where modern medicine cannot heal spiritual wounds.
His curiosity led him not only to embrace South American mysticism but also philosophies like Buddhism, Alchemy, Zen, Tantra, Sikshm, and others.
His wise words produce a profound introspection in those who listen to them.
I am very excited about this conversation because he is one of my go-to’s when talking about altered states of consciousness.
Without further ado, let me introduce you to the Shaman, Xuan Gwar.

In this conversation, you will learn the following:

  • Shamanic practices
  • Spiritualism and religion
  • Outer state of consciousness
  • Traditions and plant medicine
  • And more!

Enjoy the interview!


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