#35 – Banu Hantal Kellner – Pt2 – Self-worth and Optimal Performance

In this episode, Banu Hantal Kellner talks about optimal performance.

Her work is directly related to helping executives perform better and become better leaders.

Her definition of “optimal performance” is based on how much of people’s strengths and internal resources they can power up if they can take advantage of their unique talents, experiences, and perspectives. Everything they have can be used in the most impactful and beneficial way.

#34 – Banu Hantal Kellner – Pt1 – Causes for Burnout, how the Nervous System works & High-Performance mindset

Banu Hantal Kellner is an Executive Coach who spent more than 25 years studying the human mind and performance.
She is passionate about translating psychology and neuroscience into workspace and leadership applications. Thanks to that, she has been trusted by companies like Coca-Cola, Vodafone, HelloFresh, and many more.

She’s on a mission to improve performance without compromising wellbeing. This conversation is fascinating to you if you’re a Knowledge Worker – someone who uses their brain to produce results at work – and wants to learn strategies to avoid burnout.

#13 – Karem Suarez – Inteligencia financiera y emocional, combinar pasión y habilidades, creencias sobre el dinero, productividad y más

Karem Suarez es una creadora de contenido digital especializada en temas de finanzas personales, economía, emprendimiento y productividad.

Su carisma y alegría innatas, y sus habilidades como presentadora, entrevistadora y locutora la llevan a codearse frecuentemente con reconocidas personalidades latinoamericanas del emprendimiento y negocios.

Con más de 600 videos en YouTube (y contando), ella domina e inspira a personas de distintas edades a ganar educación financiera para mejorar su calidad de vida.

¡Disfruta esta entrevista!

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