The Recovery Ingredients Matrix

Whether it’s a work or a home, we all deal with uncertain, volatile, and complex environments. “Recovery” is the key word not only to deal with those environments in order […]

My Brain Flow – Part 5 – Execute! Period

This article belongs to a series of multiple parts: Finally, we arrived to the Execution part. Part 4 – Triage and Detachment was critical super important because it removed the majority […]

Self-Guided Learning that Works

Learning Cycle

Learning by yourself? what a struggle!
It’s probable that you never know where to start nor have a way to navigate the unknown territory of a new subject.

In this article, I’ll give you a map to do it while having fun!

Silly Questions and Why You Want to Ask Them

Why is it so hard to ask questions that could bring opportunities?

When we talk about learning, there is a cure for it. Discover it here and put it into practice in 5 minutes.

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