My Brain Flow – Part 1 – Intro to Building A Second Brain

This article belongs to a series of multiple parts:

What is BASB?

BASB or Building A Second Brain is a 4-week course designed to help you organize your digital life and unlock your creative potential. I can only say that it delivered way more than that!

BASB’s main structure is a system that Tiago Forte, the creator of BASB, calls C.O.D.E., which stands for Capture, Organize, Distill, and Express.

This framework clarifies and simplifies much of a person’s current interaction with technology and digital creation.

Building a 2nd Brain Flow

Based on C.O.D.E., I designed and implemented my personal use case for how my 2nd brain works, step by step.

This workflow (or as I call it, “2nd Brain Flow“) was not taught at BASB, nevertheless, there was an inner need to visualize and streamline C.O.D.E. for the way my brain and emotions work. (I know that sounds extremely robotic 😅🤖).

I designed this workflow after several years of getting stuck by info consumption. That is, consuming lots of information and not knowing where to store it, how to use it, or even knowing if I should or shouldn’t let information go (there’s an emotional relationship with info that every one of us has, even though we are not aware of it.).

As I said, this is the v.1 of my workflow. So it’s going to be all clunky and weird, and that’s ok.

This is the starting point and I plan to keep optimizing this workflow every 3 months.

This is my entire 2nd Brain Flow.

In the upcoming parts, I’ll describe it in detail.

In the meantime, keep optimizing!


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