The Recovery Ingredients Matrix

Whether it’s a work or a home, we all deal with uncertain, volatile, and complex environments. “Recovery” is the key word not only to deal with those environments in order […]

Surviving the Unexpected

DevOps is all about agility and adaptability. It’s about being able to respond to changing conditions quickly and efficiently. But what happens when the unexpected occurs? How do you survive when things go wrong?

In this post: discover strategies to deal with the unexpected and still make progress towards your goals

Gathering with Purpose: Jeffersonian Dinners

jeffersonian dinner

Are you looking for a unique and engaging way to bring people together for an evening of stimulating conversation and delicious food?
Then then answer is: attend or host a Jeffersonian Dinner.

In this post, we’ll cover what a Jeffersonian Dinner is an why you’d like to be join one.

Upgrade your Productivity with the Day Zero Journal

Journaling has multiple benefits, it helps us to improve self-esteem, to be more aware of our emotions and to evaluate our behaviors. But, what if we add our business and learning areas to this?
Let me introduce you to Day Zer0 Journal, a tool that will help you capture and organize your ideas in the most efficient way.

Why Founders Burnout is of Another Caliber?

Founders Burnout is different that the average employee.
This article raises the awareness of the problem of Burnout in Startup Founders, what is one of the main causes, and how we fall for it unless it’s appropriately addressed.

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