The Learning Diary


Have you ever seen a ballet dancer or a yoga instructor and the flexibility they possess?

Well, that didn’t happen overnight.

People like that have a daily practice where they condition their muscles to stretch, just a little more day after day.

Similarly, we can condition our brains to be in continuous learning mode.

For this, we use the Learning Diary strategy.

In this diary, every night we write down 3 things that we learned during the day and they are not necessarily related to a study or investigation that we are carrying out, but can be based on experiences, circumstances or conversations that we had and from which we can extract certain types of information. teaching.

At first, this will be a bit difficult, but calm down. The goal of journaling is to help “stretch” the mind and, through practice, place it in continuous learning mode throughout the day.

Before writing down your 3 items of the day, ask yourself: What did I learn today?

Take this image as ours for a simple format for your own Learning Journal.

And you, what did you learn today?

Let me know how you’re doing in your Learning Journal for 10 days…. ok, ok…. 7 days, do it for a week and let me know how your mind felt in the comments!

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