#43 – Xuan Gwar – Shamanism, Religion, the Wisdom of Plant Medicine, Ego Work and more

This is one of the densest and deepest episodes of the season, this time we talked with Xuan Gwar about the practice of shamanism.

We talk about the meaning of shamanism and its foundational concepts, expanding the narrative of what this spiritual path implies. In this episode, Xuan takes us into this practice through comparisons with various religions, allowing us to understand in a more practical way what shamanism involves as a spiritual path without a book or dogma.

Disciplined to Change

Discipline is one of the ingredients for success but, it can also be the cause of failure. Once we incorporate a new habit in our repertoire, we feel solid. It helps […]

{We Code}

Yes… You – the least techy person reading this – You Code. Here are some examples of common scenarios where we all code: When a couple listens to a song and […]

Stand Up and Fight

Stand up and fight. The battlefield is not in other men’s land, but it’s in our own minds. We fight against the egoic mind, the one that says “I can’t”, […]

Social Disruption

Whatever we say, people will like or dislike us. Sometimes they could even love us and suddenly hate us. No matter what’s the circumstance, being true to ourselves is what […]

We’re all Schwarzenegger

Yes, we’re all Arnold Schwarzenegger in some way. The more dumbells and bench press that we use to exercise, the stronger our muscles will grow; but … how about our […]

Formula: “x – 32 Years = Lifetime”

It’s not about adding years to your lifetime on every birthday celebration but instead, it’s about how much time remains. Most of the time, we humans allow our indifference towards time to […]

Change Agent = Chaos Agent

Life’s unique Constant is Change. Sometimes change is smooth, sometimes it hurts. That’s when we call it chaos. When we decide to become the agents of change, that’s when we […]

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