#41 – SoloCast – Intro a la Respiración Óptima

¡Este es un SoloCast!

En este episodio en solitario hablaremos acerca de la respiración o tambien conocido como breathwork.
Te contaré mi historia y te daré tips poder obtener el máximo provecho de nuestra respiración.

¡Disfruta esta episodio!

#38 – Claudia Zaragoza – Biohacking, Alto Rendimiento y Optimización de la Salud

Claudia Zaragoza (@clauzaragozam) es especialista en nutrición, fisiología del ejercicio y entre otras cosas, especialista en biohacking. Empieza su trayectoria como atleta de triatlón representando a México en competencias internacionales. Ha subido al podio en varias oportunidades y ha sido rankeada entre las mejores a nivel mundial en el deporte. Actualmente es Head Coach y Fundadora del equipo de Alto Rendimiento, Performers, apoyando el rendimiento y continuo crecimiento de atletas y líderes de diferentes industrias.

#37 – Lenka Nemer – Impacto Social, Competiciones de Belleza y Empoderamiento Femenino

Lenka Nemer es Miss Bolivia 2020 y representó al mismo en Miss Universo. Nació en La Paz y nunca pensó que su carrera se desarrollaría alrededor del mundo de los concursos de belleza, a pesar de que su hermana Vinka fue Miss Bolivia Tierra en 2015. Lenka se define a sí misma como el reflejo de todas las personas que conoce y con las que convive. A pesar de que sus primeros pasos en el modelaje fueron titubeantes, Lenka considera que la moda es un reflejo de la cultura y el arte.
Ingresa al mundo del modelaje al firmar un contrato con Pablo Manzonni, tras ganar un casting al que su madre la llevó engañada con el pretexto de ir a una consulta con el oftalmólogo. Un tiempo después, Lenka decide rescindir su contrato ya que no consideraba estar lista para enfrentarse al mundo del modelaje.

#34 – Banu Hantal Kellner – Pt1 – Causes for Burnout, how the Nervous System works & High-Performance mindset

Banu Hantal Kellner is an Executive Coach who spent more than 25 years studying the human mind and performance.
She is passionate about translating psychology and neuroscience into workspace and leadership applications. Thanks to that, she has been trusted by companies like Coca-Cola, Vodafone, HelloFresh, and many more.

She’s on a mission to improve performance without compromising wellbeing. This conversation is fascinating to you if you’re a Knowledge Worker – someone who uses their brain to produce results at work – and wants to learn strategies to avoid burnout.

#33 – Witalij Martynow – The Breathwork Guy, Healing through the Body, Psychedelics and more

Witalij Martynow (@witality) is a former basketball player in his childhood who grew up to become a breathwork facilitator and shamanic practitioner that brings together science and spirituality to create healing experiences.
His work is based on the belief in releasing energy and emotions due to his ideology that everything is energy and that the body is driven by many emotions and retained feelings. He combines plant medicines and breathwork techniques to help people release their traumas and get conscious of their patterns. Witalij is a firm believer that everything in your body is connected.

#32 – Marcos Sponton – Yerbo, Burnout, and technology applied to achieve mental well-being

Marcos Sponton is the founder and CEO of Yerbo.  He’s also the man behind Machinalis, an artificial intelligence company that positioned itself as the largest company in its area in Latin America and led to its acquisition by MercadoLibre. Besides, he’s recognized by Forbes as one of the 30 most promising Argentinians for using data to solve business challenges. He is now forging the future of preventive mental well-being at work. 

Enjoy the interview!

#27 – Jason Marc Campbell – From getting Scammed to Leading a Sales Revolution based on Love

Jason Marc Campbell is a “Warrior of enlightened sales”, a man on a mission to optimize the world by teaching companies to care more and to do business in alignment with their values. 

He is the author of “Selling with Love”, and the host of the Podcast with the same name. A space where he connects with other experts on topics of Leadership, Teambuilding, Communication, Productivity and so much more.

Enjoy the interview!

#26 – Eric Champ – Crafting healthy habits, why motivation is overrated, creating changes that last, and more

Eric Champ is the Founder of Champ City, a company with a holistic approach to attainable fitness, training, body transformation, and overall wellness, based in Austin, Texas.

A few years ago, Eric was a completely different person. His habits at that time were taking him on a downhill path, and he truly believed he was doing “the right things”. But, his entire trajectory changed in a heartbeat, and we talk about that in this conversation.

Nowadays, the story of his transformation and his motto – “It’s never too late” – inspire people who want to make a change in their daily habits in different parts of the world.

Enjoy the interview!

#23 – Noah Abbott – Lumos Fitness Collective, functional movements, the challenge of starting a business, learning to rely on others and more

Noah Abbott is a personal fitness coach and the owner of Lumos Fitness Collective in Austin, Texas.

His path was on a different trajectory years ago in New York, where he was a law enforcement officer and personal training was his side job. Until one day he realized what his current career was not fulfilling anymore. That’s when he decided to move to Austin and start a business based on his passion.

Enjoy the interview!

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