Upgrade your Productivity with the Day Zero Journal

Journaling has multiple benefits, it helps us to improve self-esteem, to be more aware of our emotions and to evaluate our behaviors. But, what if we add our business and learning areas to this?
Let me introduce you to Day Zer0 Journal, a tool that will help you capture and organize your ideas in the most efficient way.

#43 – Xuan Gwar – Shamanism, Religion, the Wisdom of Plant Medicine, Ego Work and more

This is one of the densest and deepest episodes of the season, this time we talked with Xuan Gwar about the practice of shamanism.

We talk about the meaning of shamanism and its foundational concepts, expanding the narrative of what this spiritual path implies. In this episode, Xuan takes us into this practice through comparisons with various religions, allowing us to understand in a more practical way what shamanism involves as a spiritual path without a book or dogma.

Beat the “I Need to Know More” Anxiety

The Rumsfeld's Matrix

Trying to “Know More” is a sure way to anxiety.

There is a way to avoid that itch, it’s understand how much and how well we know something.

Check this article to avoid the anxiety and make the most out of your knowledge.

Silly Questions and Why You Want to Ask Them

Why is it so hard to ask questions that could bring opportunities?

When we talk about learning, there is a cure for it. Discover it here and put it into practice in 5 minutes.

The Learning Cycle

Ciclo del Aprendizaje

How can we improve the way we learn?
In this post, we review the Learning Cycle, a framework that will enhance the way you learn.

The Learning Diary


Keeping a diary or log of the events that take place during the day to day is ideal for memory, but how to adapt this to an exclusive Learning Diary?
Discover how and the benefits in this post.

Drawing – Week #2

Hi all! The second week of the #aprilDrawing¬†challenge was more exciting!!!. Perspective and still life are the main areas covered in it, and if you need extra motivation, the YouTube […]

Three Ways to Learn

Life taught me that there are three ways to learn: The easy way The hard way The wise way The first one – the easy way – is ephemeral. Usually, […]

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