#34 – Banu Hantal Kellner – Pt1 – Causes for Burnout, how the Nervous System works & High-Performance mindset

Banu Hantal Kellner is an Executive Coach who spent more than 25 years studying the human mind and performance.
She is passionate about translating psychology and neuroscience into workspace and leadership applications. Thanks to that, she has been trusted by companies like Coca-Cola, Vodafone, HelloFresh, and many more.

She’s on a mission to improve performance without compromising wellbeing. This conversation is fascinating to you if you’re a Knowledge Worker – someone who uses their brain to produce results at work – and wants to learn strategies to avoid burnout.

#33 – Witalij Martynow – The Breathwork Guy, Healing through the Body, Psychedelics and more

Witalij Martynow (@witality) is a former basketball player in his childhood who grew up to become a breathwork facilitator and shamanic practitioner that brings together science and spirituality to create healing experiences.
His work is based on the belief in releasing energy and emotions due to his ideology that everything is energy and that the body is driven by many emotions and retained feelings. He combines plant medicines and breathwork techniques to help people release their traumas and get conscious of their patterns. Witalij is a firm believer that everything in your body is connected.

#32 – Marcos Sponton – Yerbo, Burnout, and technology applied to achieve mental well-being

Marcos Sponton is the founder and CEO of Yerbo.  He’s also the man behind Machinalis, an artificial intelligence company that positioned itself as the largest company in its area in Latin America and led to its acquisition by MercadoLibre. Besides, he’s recognized by Forbes as one of the 30 most promising Argentinians for using data to solve business challenges. He is now forging the future of preventive mental well-being at work. 

Enjoy the interview!

#30 – Carlos Spontón – Estrategias para evitar el Burnout, Equilibrio entre Trabajo y Vida Personal y más

Carlos Spontón (@carlossponton) es uno de los investigadores líderes en habla hispana sobre estrés, burnout, bienestar emocional y laboral.

Además de ser psicólogo clínico, master en psicología organizacional y laboral, Carlos provee capacitación y asesoramiento sobre la aplicación de Psicología Positiva en entornos de trabajo.

Los mas de 10 años que viene realizando investigaciones en las áreas de motivación, organizaciones saludables y comportamiento organizacional, lo llevaron a ser profesor invitado en varias universidades latinoamericanas.

Actualmente él dirige el Área de Behavioral Science en Yerbo, una empresa que tiene el objetivo de terminar el síndrome de Burnout en los trabajadores del conocimiento, y en específico aquellos en áreas de Tecnología.

¡Disfruta esta entrevista!

#28- Michael Balchan – Living with no regrets, becoming your best version, training Heroes, and more

Michael Balchan is is a professional Optimizer and the Founder of Heroic Public Benefit Corporation.

He started his career as a comodity trader but after a decade decided to change his life.
Now, he is a polymath who can teach us about habit creation, mental coaching, wellness, personal grow, leadership and more.

Enjoy the interview!

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