#35 – Banu Hantal Kellner – Pt2 – Self-worth and Optimal Performance

In this episode, Banu Hantal Kellner talks about optimal performance.

Her work is directly related to helping executives perform better and become better leaders.

Her definition of “optimal performance” is based on how much of people’s strengths and internal resources they can power up if they can take advantage of their unique talents, experiences, and perspectives. Everything they have can be used in the most impactful and beneficial way.

#32 – Marcos Sponton – Yerbo, Burnout, and technology applied to achieve mental well-being

Marcos Sponton is the founder and CEO of Yerbo.  He’s also the man behind Machinalis, an artificial intelligence company that positioned itself as the largest company in its area in Latin America and led to its acquisition by MercadoLibre. Besides, he’s recognized by Forbes as one of the 30 most promising Argentinians for using data to solve business challenges. He is now forging the future of preventive mental well-being at work. 

Enjoy the interview!

#27 – Jason Marc Campbell – From getting Scammed to Leading a Sales Revolution based on Love

Jason Marc Campbell is a “Warrior of enlightened sales”, a man on a mission to optimize the world by teaching companies to care more and to do business in alignment with their values. 

He is the author of “Selling with Love”, and the host of the Podcast with the same name. A space where he connects with other experts on topics of Leadership, Teambuilding, Communication, Productivity and so much more.

Enjoy the interview!

#26 – Eric Champ – Crafting healthy habits, why motivation is overrated, creating changes that last, and more

Eric Champ is the Founder of Champ City, a company with a holistic approach to attainable fitness, training, body transformation, and overall wellness, based in Austin, Texas.

A few years ago, Eric was a completely different person. His habits at that time were taking him on a downhill path, and he truly believed he was doing “the right things”. But, his entire trajectory changed in a heartbeat, and we talk about that in this conversation.

Nowadays, the story of his transformation and his motto – “It’s never too late” – inspire people who want to make a change in their daily habits in different parts of the world.

Enjoy the interview!

#23 – Noah Abbott – Lumos Fitness Collective, functional movements, the challenge of starting a business, learning to rely on others and more

Noah Abbott is a personal fitness coach and the owner of Lumos Fitness Collective in Austin, Texas.

His path was on a different trajectory years ago in New York, where he was a law enforcement officer and personal training was his side job. Until one day he realized what his current career was not fulfilling anymore. That’s when he decided to move to Austin and start a business based on his passion.

Enjoy the interview!

#18 – Barton Guy Bryan – The Athlete and Performer combination, the true impact of Peace Corps, and the quest for continuous improvement

Barton Guy Bryan

Barton Guy Bryan is a Region Director and Virtual Product Director with Camp Gladiator in Austin, Texas.

He is also the host of The Mindset Forge, a podcast that focuses on learning lessons from successful athletes and performing artists. People who show up for the big moments of performance, and he is a student of that.

Barton has a unique mix of high performance athlete and artist himself. That combination, his charisma and zest are what gets irradiated in his show and in his personal coach career.

Enjoy the interview!

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