Agile Fundamentals – Workshop

Subscribe to the Newsletter Agile Fundamentals Agile Fundamentals – Increase your productivity and your company’s with Agile We all know or have been in companies where there is little or […]

Breathing for Performance – Workshop

Subscribe to the Newsletter BREATHING FOR PERFORMANCE Combined neuroscience, optimal breathing & psychology to improve one breath at a time Discover the power of breath and seamlessly integrate breathing techniques […]

Engineer your 2nd Brain – Workshop

Subscribe to the Newsletter ENGINEER YOUR 2ND BRAIN Productivity in the Age of Information Ineffective Personal Knowledge Management strategies can lead to easily being distracted, frustration from not remembering important […]

Habit Engineering

Subscribe to the Newsletter HABITS ENGINEERING Smart ways to re-program your habits and gain effortless discipline Have you ever wanted to establish healthy habits or break bad behavior patterns?   […]

Shift Left Recovery – Workshop

Subscribe to the Newsletter SHIFT LEFT RECOVERY How to Avoid Burnout and Achieve Optimal Performance The stress caused by the pandemic, post-pandemic, and poor adaptation to remote work negatively impact […]

Breathwork Exploration Session – Workshop

Subscribe to the Newsletter Breathwork Exploration Session Breathwork Exploration Session Harness the Power of your Breath! Breathwork is one of the top Technologies that you can use at any time […]

Optimal Learning – Workshop

Subscribe to the Newsletter OPTIMAL LEARNING Accelerate your learning using strategies, techniques and technology Learning something new can be intimidating for anyone. In fact, “*not knowing where to start”*, or […]

Gathering with Purpose: Jeffersonian Dinners

jeffersonian dinner

Are you looking for a unique and engaging way to bring people together for an evening of stimulating conversation and delicious food?
Then then answer is: attend or host a Jeffersonian Dinner.

In this post, we’ll cover what a Jeffersonian Dinner is an why you’d like to be join one.

#43 – Xuan Gwar – Shamanism, Religion, the Wisdom of Plant Medicine, Ego Work and more

This is one of the densest and deepest episodes of the season, this time we talked with Xuan Gwar about the practice of shamanism.

We talk about the meaning of shamanism and its foundational concepts, expanding the narrative of what this spiritual path implies. In this episode, Xuan takes us into this practice through comparisons with various religions, allowing us to understand in a more practical way what shamanism involves as a spiritual path without a book or dogma.

Beat the “I Need to Know More” Anxiety

The Rumsfeld's Matrix

Trying to “Know More” is a sure way to anxiety.

There is a way to avoid that itch, it’s understand how much and how well we know something.

Check this article to avoid the anxiety and make the most out of your knowledge.

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